RTSBX Youth Conference Workshops

Registration begins at 9:00am at Skyline College in Building 6

Breakout Session #1

The Agony of Apathy – Emcee Workshop
RTSB Facilitator: Do DAT

Do DAT will cover the topic of apathy in urban communities and hip hop culture. Participants will gain a historical perspective on the causes and effects of apathy and will learn to identify and process latent emotions through creative expression.

Chemistry + Hip Hop = Chemhop – Leave a legacy by re-writing the script about science!
RTSB Facilitator: Brandon Piasecki

The focus of this workshop will be learning to tap into the “growth mindset” through Hip Hop when it comes to difficult science classes. In this workshop, I’ll share some of the ways that I’ve learned to hack difficult concepts in Chemistry by putting them to a beat from artists I love, like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, etc.  I hope to give students inspiration and tools to learn through things that they love, like Hip Hop, so that they can leave a legacy someday through scientific discovery and innovation!

Domin8 Your Day
RTSB Facilitator: Dwight Taylor Sr. – Legacy Matters, Inc.

How to force your will upon your day and not allow your day to force its will upon you. Being intentional about giving your Perfect Effort to everything that you do. Through insightful explorations, students will learn how true Self-Awareness can positively impact their life and the lives of others.

Flexing the Limitations: Beat Making Now and Then
RTSB Facilitator: Today’s Future Sound

Participants will learn about the history of beat making/Hip Hop music production and limitations of sample time, using samples from vinyl and traditional production techniques, as well as modern production techniques and equipment. Participants will learn to make beats and work in groups to do this following short presentation—which will then culminate in sharing their beats in a cypher.

From Machiavelli to Makaveli: The Strategic Life of Tupac Shakur
RTSB Facilitator: Adisa Banjoko

This presentation will cover Tupac’s life in jail and how reading the works of Niccolo Machiavelli and Sun Tzu’s Art of War helped him prepare for his years at Death Row.

Hip Hop 360: History and Culture of Hip Hop
RTSB Facilitator: Zulu Gremlin, Fayzo, Large Professor, Ken Swift

Hip-Hop 360-PowerPoint slideshow/rare archive exhibit/history lesson includes the time before hip-hop and each of its respective elements and the individuals that helped build the culture.

Love Yourz – Self Love
RTSB Facilitator: Jackie Whang

This space will be for you to love yourself for all the work that you do. It’s a safe space to celebrate you. We will go into this reflection through writing and yoga. Please bring your own mat and comfortable clothes. Expect to build some heat and passion. And in the end, we will close off in restoration of mind, body, and soul.

Sex, Drugs, & Hip Hop
RTSB Facilitator: Theresa Fox

This workshop will allow participants engage in thoughtful dialog on sex and drugs, a topic that could often be taboo, through the messaging in Hip Hop and R&B music. Students will discuss and dissect the gender-biased images portrayed in commercial music lyrics and videos.

Womxn in the Middle (Where she at?): Centering Our Experiences with Hip Hop and How it Manifests in Our Work in the Classroom & Beyond
RTSB Facilitator: Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP)

This workshop will discuss Pinayism (Pain + Love = Growth) and Praxis (Theory + Action + Reflection) and how we infuse Hip Hop in our curriculum, lesson plans, projects, and production of knowledge. We want to open a space of dialogue and sharing amongst other educators in hopes of connecting and building a community of womxn who embody Hip Hop in their lives.

Writers Workshop I: Bay Area Graffiti
RTSB Facilitator: Amir Esfahani, Skyline College and Ala Ebtekar, Stanford University

This course will begin with a brief history of Bay Area Graffiti. From there we will explore the concept of anonymity and then develop a graffiti name for ourselves. Finally we will explore simple letter forms like “funk letters” and “throw-ups”.

Breakout Session #2

Beat Generations: The enduring legacy of the Human Beatbox
RTSB Facilitator: Mike “Eachbox” Tinoco

This workshop will focus on the enduring–and sometimes forgotten–legacy of human beatboxing. During the first part of the workshop, participants will learn about the recent history of beatboxing in the Bay Area.  During the second part of this workshop, participants will learn how to beatbox and vocal scratch. There will be techniques and strategies for basic and intermediate sounds, breath control, and speed.

Classroom Mixtape – Youth Advocacy
RTSB Facilitator: Kim Tran

After the 2016 presidential election, the Southern Poverty Law Center documented over 1,000 hate crimes. The majority occurred in the workplace, K-12 schools and college universities. Classroom Mixtape is geared toward helping students find ways to advocate for themselves and others in the classroom. The main objective of this workshop is provide students with tools they can use to intervene for themselves and others as members and allies to marginalized communities.

Community Skratchpad Cipher
RTSB Facilitator: Skratchpad SF

Skratchpad’s topic will cover Hip-Hop DJing and a brief history about it. Youth will learn about being professional in a business sense and organizing events. Each youth participant will also learn how to scratch within a cipher that is beat counting related.

Basic, fundamental scratches and simple turntable looping will be taught along with how to count beats.  This will culminate in rotating youth in 5 different stations where everyone can participate and cipher/interact with each other through scratching.

Good For Life Emcee Workshop
RTSB Facilitator: Large Professor

For those who want to be an MC, this is the spot to be. Large professor, from the legendary group, Main Source, and was breakin’ atoms alongside NAS, Busta Rhymes, Mobb Deep, and the like, knows exactly what it takes to be good for life. Come learn skills from the rapper/producer/Mad Scientist.

Hip Hop Healing
RTSB Facilitator: CIPHER & Guardian Scholars

Finding creative ways to heal and express themselves through the 4 elements of hip-hop.

Hip Hop Ownership – The Practical Strategies of Building a Legacy
RTSB Facilitator: Jermaine Fletcher – Curators of Hip Hop

The workshop will be focused on “legacy” directly and how important it is to build the culture of Hip Hop in a way that requires organizing and structure that the culture has never before seen or executed. Studying the notes from cultures around the world, the workshop will propose some new objectives for building a legacy within Hip Hop culture in the U.S and what that will look like for practitioners and educators moving forward.

RockStrut Dance Workshop
RTSB Facilitator: Zulu Gremlin & Ken Swift

East meets West.  Learn the original street dance styles of the East and West coasts featuring Brooklyn Roc, Breaking, Strutting, and the Oakland Boogaloo.

Soles Of Hip-Hop: The Evolution of Sneaker in Hip-Hop
RTSB Facilitator: Brett Sawyer & Jeremiah Graves – American River College

What we will cover with this topic is the history of sneakers and the role they play in Hip-Hop music and culture. What participants will learn from this workshop is the role sneakers play in Hip Hop along with evolution of sneakers in Hip-Hop identity. In addition, groundbreaking achievements rappers have made in the sneaker community will be discussed.

Tell ‘em I Go CRZY: Bad as You Want Your Legacy to Be
RTSB Facilitator: Grace Burns & Janice Sapigao

What is legacy? Seeds planted in a garden? A beginning of a song? In this workshop we will explore what makes a legacy, what legacies Hip Hop created, and what legacies we want to leave behind. We will engage in activities that look at the music of Oakland raised artist Kehlani, and the popular Broadway show Hamilton, breakdown the legacies that inspired both, and look at the legacies both are creating. We look to our own legacy building and ask the question, how CRZY is our legacy?

Urban & Indigenous: How We Gon’ Get Free? How We Came To Be!
RTSB Facilitator: Sammay Dizon

Participants will co-create a safe and inclusive space for remembering, acknowledging, and honoring those who came before them and the traditions that have been passed down. Participants will come away with a deepened inquiry of cultural identity and possibilities for the future as well as ideas for creative process and performance.

Writers Workshop II: Getting down on the Wall
RTSB Facilitator: Alex Sam Davis

A graffiti workshop based on the new aesthetic of graffiti. Students will learn the foundations of street art and getting down on the wall.